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October 30, 2002

Sh*t on the radio...

The Doc Searls Weblog : Monday, October 28, 2002

Sh*t On The Radio may be a song by Nelly Furtado but reading this from Doc Searl's blog just drives home even further how greed is pulling the roots of what used to be good into something gone way too far.

The American Dream, right? The freedom to pursue your dreams, right? Well apparently digital radio, the successor to AM/FM will be "accomplished using a proprietary transmission method licensed exclusively by iBiquity."

Why am I not surprised another gang-rape by corporations is going to commense now. The big point is again, this is how corporations control the things we use, see, and hear.

No I'm not sitting here ranting "conspiracy theory", I'm pointing out that greed intertwined with ambitions is continuing to come full circle until it suffocates us.

On another note, FM-200 fire suppression systems will not kill you when they go off.

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October 28, 2002

To SUV or Not To SUV

Salon.com Books | Unsafe at any speed

Unsafe at any speed
The author of "High and Mighty" explains why SUVs are not just gas-guzzling pollution machines, they're dangerous to drive.

--- Salon.com

My fiance has wanted an SUV for awhile liking the fact that they're up higher but I can't help but ignore the request. At lunch, a coworker and I talked about how trucks and SUV's are designed with bumpers so high up that when they smash into the side of a car, they smash into the side of the drivers head.

Either way, it's kill or be killed right? Any opinions out there?

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October 27, 2002


Well... I was hoping to exploit the fall season for all the photography value it usually has. In the "midwest" we usually have gorgeous falls with tremendous color. However this season a nice frigid breeze blew across Indiana resulting in less color and vibrant beauty than I had hoped for.

I always put some "reading" time into my weekend to get some of my class work done so I'm not rushed but yet again I've spent my time doing the things I *really* enjoy. Last week wasn't too bad though, reading "Neighbor Rosicky" by Willa Cather was good. That and another 5 other short stories, most of which didn't spark as much reaction as "Neighbor Rosicky".

Currently Listening to: Jack Johnson - Bubble Toes

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Pre-Halloween Party

Went to a party. We didn't dress up but everyone else did. It was nice to get out of the house and meet up with a crowd. Nice people even though we didn't know most of them and everyone was really friendly.

Most interesting part: Nextdoor neighbor of host was there with her husband and her day job was insurance sales but she sold sex toys on the side. I think some of the guys spent most of the evening looking through a catalog and laughing.

Apparently there is a large market for all sorts of contraptions. Why wouldn't there be.

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October 26, 2002

New Ani Difranco Album

: : : righteous babe records > > > so much shouting, so much laughter : : :

I don't know how I missed this but I did. Ani Difranco, one of my favorite music artists released a new CD and she's going on tour. I've never been to one of her shows so it made me wonder about what kind of following she has.

So I joined http://www.ani-difranco.net/forum/ and read some posts. I'm convinced that I'm one of the only straight male non-extreme-leftists that follow her. (Of course I'm not but it sure looks that way)

She just happens to be one of those politicaly vocal female artists that I really have come to appreciate.

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One of those things that could change your life.

Last night I went to one of the most interesting things that I was so uninterested in. It happened to be a Mary Kay meeting for my fiance and her sister with one someone. After being there, I started to believe it was the best thing since sliced butter if you able to make the commitment and try to put away your fears.

See standing up in front of people or asking them who they know so that you'll get more contacts is scary for almost everyone but the flipside is that it also could change your life. It can give you independence, job security, and happiness if it becomes something you truly enjoy.

But only if you make the commitment.

So we'll see.

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October 23, 2002

Never enough time

There never seems to be enough time to do anything. Ambitious plans for those who are less motivated seem to wither away yet seem so close to grasp. Almost everyone ponders what they are going to do tomorrow, next week, at some random point in time. So this week I've thought a lot about what I'm going to do.

Guess what... I don't know yet. Big surprise huh.

Delayed mom's visit for a week, will probably stop in at colleague's party this weekend. Want a new house, want a new cell phone. Ram and keyboard for Ultra 5 will arrive so Kris can use the SunPCi card without going through X which is horribly slow. Need to set up cyrus-imap and sasl up on Sparc to make mail storage and retrieval more ellegant.

Tons of work to do. Never enough time.

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October 16, 2002

Day off

I took a day off today. Last night I attended a local IT association gathering with a cohort from work. The main focus was a talk by Ian Murdock of Debian fame about Linux and Opensource. He had a lot to say, most of it not new to me but no doubt new to many of the other folks who were unfamliar with Linux and the Opensource movement. I got to spend time to talk with people about what they were doing and perhaps the most exciting part was just talking to people who were passionate about computing like me.

This week I start another class at school the workload is enormous. That's part of why I'm taking a vacation day today. I know I'll get by and it'll all be fine but sometimes it seems when you start to become a little bit more easygoing about things, there is more stuff to push you to your limits.

Then again, maybe the limits are all self-imposed and aren't really limits.

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October 12, 2002

Massive update

I've been very busy with everything now that I'm back in town. To recap some things:

After the 23rd of Sept., we took a trip (family, Kris, and I) to an island in southern Thailand. It was gorgeous. We had to sleep in a "hotel" that Friday night because the island was a 3hr ferry ride away. My dad was nice enough to get Kris and I rooms at both places. The room at the "hotel" had someone waiting to greet us at the door, a cockroach. I think at that point, it hit home that we were in a developing country. We went snorkeling the first day there on our own and then went out on a day long snorkeling adventure with a guide. The water was clear and blue, fish were all around. The second night there, we got traditional Thai massages. Half of the massage was painful and the other half pleasurable. Not even like scratching a mosquito bite, more like stubbing your toe vs. a bite of chocolate silk pie. The weather was very good to us all throughout despite it being monsoon season.

The downside was that Kris and I developed colds at the tail end of our trip to the island. I got better pretty quickly after having a runny nose all day the first day we were on the island. Kris got it on the day we were leaving and had a runny nose almost up until a few days after we got back.

It's nice to be back home but I realized how much I miss "home" there. My dad is building a new house which is very nice. Not one of those traditional (well no houses except those built in the 20s-60s are traditional) but something very architectually interesting. So anyway, I must say there is nothing like being in Thailand and I can honestly say that I would be happy in either country.

The days before we left on our trip, we did a bit of shopping and Kris got to see firsthand how police in Thailand will let you out of a traffic ticket (running red lights, turning when it's not your turn, or crossing lanes too quickly) for $2.50. They don't get paid enough to live and so taking money on the side is the route they choose. Not to mention how corrupt the political system is. Democracy at it's BEST.

After we got back from our little mini-vacation, we had dinner with a large group of my family. They all liked Kris pretty well. I think they surprise me sometimes, but their hospitality and generosity really shines when it counts. The day before we left Thailand, I got to hang out with my cousin (who has been somewhat of a mentor) for the better part of the day. I think that time to me is right up there with spending time with my immediate family.

Unfortunately this trip, I don't think I got to spend enough time there even though Kris was ready to come home. Life seems so much simpler in many respects. Quitting work and moving there ALMOST seems plausible if it weren't for all the other things here that I love.

We bought a painting. It's an oil painting of a Thai market done by an art student there who had their work on display at a small stall that was a pseudo-art-gallery. These kinds of touches will help bring parts of "home", home.

Life at work has also changed. On Monday after I got there, my boss and the director of IT asked me if I'd like to take on getting support and general IT elements reigned in at our off-site press facility. My previous boss who led the IT effort on the project got promoted into "corporate" and kinda left before we got a chance to get everything tied down. A lot of this effort will be working with people and it's an opportunity for me to develop my people skills. It may seem boring but it's what keeps me interested.

So anyway gallery 3 has been posted without captions @ http://www.twentybelow.com/galleries/


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