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June 29, 2003

Meeting Etiquette

While reading Liz Lawley's blog, I ran across this post which has broad implications on how to behave in a meeting. In my opinion, it goes much beyond that and how to act towards others in general. I admit I'm guilty of a couple of the things but now that I'm concious of them, hopefully I can change.

Here's a quote from "An open letter to other men in the movement: Shut the F*ck Up (or, How to act better in meetings)":
"This essay is about how men act in meetings. Mostly itís about how we act badly, but it includes suggestions on how we can do better. Men in the movement reproduce patriarchy within the movement and benefit from it. By patriarchy I mean a system of values, behaviors, and relationships that keeps men in power. It relies on domination, claiming authority, and belligerence."

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June 25, 2003

stressful times

A bit of stuff going on right now at work. It's making for a pretty stressful time.

Neat upcoming events:
1. Pick up new suit
2. Sister-in-law's rehearsal dinner
3. Sister-in-law's wedding this Saturday
4. Party at coworkers house Saturday evening
5. Possible lunch with family friends Sunday afternoon
6. Dave Matthews Band concert Monday

Rant: Is it just me or has amazon.com's service gone down the tubes COMPLETELY? The estimated shipping dates are always wildly inaccurate and the status always says something that doens't make sense. In the status screen I see "Shipped" then "Received electronic billing information" then "Package accepted for shipping" and it's been sitting in the same spot for 3-4 days.

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June 23, 2003


I finally got to meet a close friend of mine who I've known on irc for a couple years. He is making a big move from NYC to California. Anyway he and his girlfriend spent some time hanging out over coffee with me. I need to make a trip up to NYC to meet a bunch of the other people I talk to. Today it just made me think of the people I've met off the net over the years and the ones I still have yet to meet. It's nice to have such a good group of friends, too bad they're so far away.

Of course the latest buzz today I was paying a lot of attention to was Apple's new line of G5 computers. We'll probably end up ordering one as August nears and I'm pretty hyped about them. Although the Mail application forgot I had an inbox and had me in a temporary panic.

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June 22, 2003

Musician's response to iTunes

In an article on salon.com, the ability to download single tracks for 99 cents is examined. Critics and artists are saying that it reduce the exposure of their music. Artists' view all the extra songs on a cd besides the main singles will only be heard if music is bought by the disc and not by the track. Typically they feel they can be much more creative and experiemental with those tracks and we all know how some tracks take some getting wamed up to before we really enjoy them. In addition to that, a lot of songs don't even start to shine until after the 30 second preview iTunes offers is over.

iTunes may not be doing much for consumers except making it more acceptable to overcharge people for music. If it's going to come down to paying 99 cents per track or $10 for an album without artwork, the least they could do is offer to send you a case and some liner notes for a couple bucks or allow it to be downloaded.

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June 21, 2003

"Digital World" halflife

I overheard someone at lunch yesterday talking about how if NYC didn't have the Empire State building, views of NYC from afar would be unidentifiable. This is an oversimplification but the point I'm trying to make is without concrete identifiable objects, they lose part of what makes them special.

People have made virtual homes on the net for years now but by nature there is nothing concrete to hold those memories we have. Places like the Internet Archive are working to make sure things aren't wiped away but they only hold a snapshot.

Current value systems usually rank things with a high historical value or persistance ability as something important. So how truly important is the net if we place a high value on the history things yet the net decomposes and regenerates so quickly. When all is said and done though, the net's landscape changes unlike a forest's.

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June 20, 2003

Update your blog, new macs, and FUD

I'm hitting two birds with one stone here. I'm updating my blog AND telling others to do the same. Things have stagnated around here to the point that cobwebs are forming.

New Macs:
Information regarding the new macs were leaked by Apple. Quick machines (1.6, 1.8 and dual 2GHz) with nice features to top it off.

Have you ever been around someone who does nothing but offer their OPINION as FACT? I've been dealing with it 1 night a week for the last 2 weeks. This individual isn't dumb but is spewing FUD at people. He's an facilitator in an environmental science class who is telling people that, "Nothing grows on a farm but weeds unless you plant something", "Genetically altered produce is safe, people who think it's bad are ignorant", and "Selenium deficiency is the biggest cause of cancer."

After not backing half of this crap up with facts, he asked for opinions on another theory and I said "Actually nuclear power and genetically modified food will solve all of these problems."

I don't tolerate people who spew FUD without backing it up with some sort of fact.

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June 19, 2003


Well, I borrowed a slow Mac from a coworker to "try out" Mac OS X. It has turned out to be a great joy and I blog from it now. It's funny how all the smooth curves and slick apps make a computing experience more enjoyable than that on a 2Ghz Linux/Windows machine. All I can say is I wish Macs were cheaper.

iTunes works very well with my 30GB iPod. I'd like to migrate my contacts into the machine so I can use iSync to synchronize things. Another cool app I found was Pod2Go which allows me to download rss feeds or simple headline feeds, weather, local movie theater information, and stock quotes to the Notes folder on my iPod.

That's just a tiny glimpse of what I've done on the Mac to keep myself busy. I hope they come out with some cool stuff soon at the Apple World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC) next week.

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June 10, 2003


This blog has been severely neglected. It's just a temporary hiatus while I sort through some things. But on a more fun note, we went geocaching this weekend with our new gps. We found 2 caches but it spurred something we completely didn't expect.

We saw a house we really really liked which spurred us in gear of figuring out financing so we wouldn't have to sell our condo we're in just yet. For those who don't know, condo's can sell as slow as rocks. It's partially worked out with some crappy baggage I need to clear through before we swing this. Anyway the house we really liked is pending closing and another one we really liked is also pending. More importantly all of these events were put in motion for a reason and we're pursuing some different goals.

Also @ work there are a few major things going with regards to an open position. It would be a tremendous step for me that I'm ready to take on but there are many people competing for this spot.

Lately I haven't had much to write about mainly because during high-stress times, I close up just a little. But for now go take a look at these things if you haven't already:

Joi's post regarding the parody of the A-list bloggers.

Newsmonster is a very cool tool for viewing rss feeds which makes reading the news (blogs and others with xml feeds) tremendously simple and elegant.

Also if anyone cares on commenting, I want to hear what you personally think makes a good "manager" or "leader". What are the strong and distinguishing qualities individuals have that make them good at leading at team, especially in the computer industry.

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June 1, 2003

Weekend Assortment

Warning, babble to follow.

We went to go see The Matrix: Reloaded this weekend which was pretty entertaining. This link to an article on "Are You Living in a Computer Simulation" reminded me of my philosophy class and discussions about, "What is Real?", and "Why are we here?"

Along those lines, Doc Searl's latest post what the net should be like and should be called, maybe "Permanet". This refers to an always-on fairly fast connection which a large percentage of people nowadays have. While lately I've been talking and thinking about Social Software, the FCC's rule change allowing more mass-media market ownership, I can't help stopping to think about those who don't even have access to the internet. To people in many third world countries, they are dealing with similar issues about who controls the flow of information in parallel with us. Only for a lot of them, it's not companies controlling where I can play my music but who gets to eat and who doesn't.

On the other hand, we can't help those in which we don't know about and the mass media could have an unheard of effect on this world if they would just change the front page of their newspaper, website, whatever to show how people can help others instead of an article about a police chase through town or if police pay is reasonable.

Do the grassroots efforts and movements matter to the masses? After working so hard at revolutionizing Social Software and communication (like we do every 10 years?), do these things appeal to the masses?

I've read The Cluetrain Manifesto and the discussion about how corporations treat people like mindless consumers just opening their mouths under the sludge faucet that drips what we call entertainment, do we really want more? The obvious answer is that we do but people just need to be exposed to the possibilities.

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