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December 20, 2003

Short Review: Bowling for Columbine

Bowling for ColumbineBowling for Columbine is an interesting enigma. The main reason I saw that is because of the flack Michael Moore, the documentary's host, has gotten for his outspoken views on gun control, the presidency, and war. I've heard from many individuals that his views tend to be extreme and perhaps his work is more about him than the causes they seem to stand behind.

After watching the movie, I don't agree. Moore didn't expect to win an Oscar for his movie and I think since he doesn't have those expectations, the assumption that he has the luxury to dump time and money into vanity work just doesn't add up. He just seems to be one of those individuals who is actually making an impact or making his voice heard about things. This is blatantly evident based on some of the footage in the movie when he visited Littleton, Colorado one year after the films release. Much of the films message revolves around the unending violence and fear propogated through the media and other avenues, as well as some of the possible causes of the killings at Columbine. With this, Moore forms a great connection with those in Littleton.

To sum it up, he brings things together in a nice little package that prompt you to think a little bit harder about things. It is definately worth renting or borrowing from your local library.

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December 18, 2003

The Christmas Card Conspiracy

Sending out Christmas cards to people this year? Have you bought them yet?


Yes, apparently 7 days before Christmas is way too late to purchase Christmas cards. The cards left are crappier than something printed from Printshop on a 386 PC 10 years ago. That's right folks, they suck.

If you're thinking about sending out cards this year, just don't. Odds are your intended recipients will hide them or throw them away before they hit the mantle. So I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards Hallmark for making us semi-late shoppers look like tasteless IDIOTS. F U HALLMARK.

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December 17, 2003

I'll bite.

I'm trying to understand the impact of Saddam Hussein's capture. I watched Donald Rumsfeld's interview with Dianne Sawyer and from what I can grasp, we caught someone who the U.S. administration believes should be put to death.

The only response Rumsfeld had as to the impact was that a major money source for Iraqi rebels or "terreristss" is gone. Saddam had $750,000 in cash on him. Can you honestly say he's funding Iraqi terror or is it safe to say that they're probably having no problem finding money on their own. If he were funding terror in Iraq, how come the money he had can be rounded to the thousand.

His capture resolves nothing. I've been grasping for justification on why but I just thought to myself, Rumsfeld repeated several times on how a brutal dictator who killed "tens of thousands" of Iraqi's is now in custody but I thought to myself, "CASTRO, WHAT'S HE UP TO THESE DAYS?"

I am a firm believer that the only way you stop terror is to stop pissing people off. Sure there are extremists who will find a reason to dislike you but how I get the feeling that a lot of people have a problem with the U.S. Must be because we get to drive cool cars. Not because of foreign policy. No, we know best, k?

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December 2, 2003

Someone has a drinking problem....

Alcohol violation leads to 17-year sentence for Madison County senior

Some people just can't stop their drinking and driving. At least that's what an Indiana Judge is convinced of when he sentenced this senior citizen to 17 years in prison after being arrested 400 times and having his license suspended 30 times.

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