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January 30, 2004

Cutting-edge education in Georgia

CNN.com - Georgia considers banning 'evolution' - Jan. 30, 2004

I can't think of a better thing to do for the school systems right now besides what they are intending to do in Georgia which is ban the word "evolution" from their science curriculum. They say it would ease pressures on teachers who teach in conservative communities where parents don't want "evolution" taught.

Public service announcement: Kids are too dumb to think on their own. Don't teach them about other views you would not want them to have.

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January 26, 2004

Joel Spolsky on Resumes

Joel on Software - Getting Your Resume Read

I used to think Joel Spolsky was a no-nonsense, bright, straight-shooter until I read the article above. Instead of reading like a good guide to getting resumes read, it comes off like a pissy kid ranting.

Here's a good quote, "OK, this one really bugs me. Learn where spaces go in relation to other punctuation. Attention, the entire population of India: whenever you have a comma, there is always exactly one space and it's always after the comma and never before it. Thank you."

But even better, two bullet points down is, "Even stupider is submitting two big Word documents with no body text in the email. This just gets you spam filtered. I don't even SEE these."

Good one Joel, I'm sure the stupider people writing some of the stupider resumes will appreciate your insightful article.

Newsflash, if you're going to write an article about grammar, punctuation, and common sense, please use some yourself.

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January 14, 2004

Who's really "shirking" their civic responsibilities?

Uncle Sam trying to limit car donation deductions - Jan. 14, 2004

"The Treasury Department said Tuesday it will include a series of provisions aimed at closing tax loopholes in the 2005 budget, including a plan to impose additional appraisal requirements and deduction limits for car donations."

I'm sure that the $654 million the government isn't seeing is far greater than the money created by U.S. corporations headquartered in Bermuda.

This is the quickest source I could find that puts a number on the amount of tax revenue the U.S. Treasury loses. The number is estimated to be approximately $70 billion. How come the U.S. Treasury isn't doing anything about that?

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January 11, 2004

Ok so the pics are late

The pics I promised aren't up yet partially because there hasn't been much daylight out to take some nice pics of the things we got yet. Maybe I'll take them tomorrow.

On another note, the new litterbox we have had for awhile which is a corner litterbox with a pull-up grid to sift litter, quite frankly is crap. Here's a link to it. I need one that is hooded and easy to clean. Isn't that what all feline owners need?

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January 10, 2004

Just another day

The holidays were great. We had a good time meeting with the family. I had my brother down for a couple of weeks and it was a nice time to bond with a sibling who I haven't had much contact with throughout my life because he has lived with my dad and his mom half-way around the world. I'll post some pics of a couple of the cool things we got later today.

I read someone's blog a couple of weeks ago about how many people who tend to blog do it for attention. Good or bad it's a fair statement but I've been examining my blogging habits and thinking through some of the reasoning why I haven't blogged lately.

A lot of it has been caused by a snowball effect of not posting for a couple of days, then it going on and getting worse. After awhile you feel like you'll need a massive update about *why* exactly you haven't been blogging.

I'm a person with a short attention span a lot of the time and so it's been hard to keep captivated with writing my thoughts down. I don't know where things will go but I'll be exploring where I want to take this through 2004 and beyond.

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