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February 29, 2004

Sam Shaber - An incredible performance

To start off, over the past couple days as it warms up, I've been feeling like things are a bit brighter.

I picked up a copy of a weekly print publication that had info about events around town. A picture of Sam Shaber caught my eye and it said she was playing at a local cafe. I got on allmusic.com to see what she played and found it was Folk-pop which I enjoy. I'm not a big extrovert, especially when it comes to local events but I as pleasantly surprised when we pulled up to the cafe.

What type of music event can you get parking 20 feet from the front door, a front-row seat on a cushy couch and an intimate musical experience? At CATH Inc. in Indianapolis watching Sam Shaber perform.

More on Sam. She's an incredible artist that reminded me quite a bit of Dar Williams. Her voice is beautiful and her lyrics are real. She connects with the crowd and makes everyone feel like their friend Sam is just picking up a guitar and entertaining. Her new cd "Eighty Numbered Streets" demonstrates the range of style that Sam is capable of.

I strongly encourage you to take a listen. You can purchase all of her albums on cdbaby.com.

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New House


We're building a new house. Above is one that's almost identical on the exterior. It's kept us busy with all of the things involved. The builder has been pretty involved just getting the process started which has helped a lot. Maybe I'll post some pictures as the build progresses.

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February 17, 2004

New happenings

Lately quite a bit has been going on around here so I haven't been blogging much (Not to mention the fact that I'm ping-ponging back and forth about relaunching this blog with an actual focus).

1. Spending quite a bit of time with younger brother

2. Back in school finishing up degree

3. Building a new house

So I've been busy. As an aside, it's one of those great times where so much is going on that your mind tends to grow like crazy. A lot of seems like it's going by so fast that it's all a blur.

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