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October 24, 2004

Dischub photo

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Here's a photo of one of my discHubs in action.

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Review: discHub cd storage

discHub :: Innovative disc storage for CDs, DVDs and Games >>

I ordered 4 discHubs a few weeks ago and I've been pretty pleased. The product itself is very simple and it presents a solution to those stacks of cds on your desk that end up getting scratched. The brilliance in it is the fact that it gives you a place to put your cds which you don't have the case to at the moment (or are too lazy to put in a case).

The units hold 11 discs which sit upright nestled between soft, non-scratching neoprene. They come in 5 colors. The build quality is pretty good aside from some improperly assembled units I received with my first order. The slots themselves alternate so that every other disc sits staggered towards the other side which makes retrieving a disc very easy.

Jon at discHub sent me replacements for the ones that were improperly assembled but it took awhile. To his credit he made good on his word and I chalk the improper assembly up to rushing their very first production run.

You can get a free one if you sign up for netflix which is a double bonus.

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October 8, 2004

I am Picasso

I am Picasso
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I'm taking an art class and one of the first tasks was to copy the drawing on the left exactly as it was and only reveal a 1/2 an inch at a time. When it was finally revealed, it happened to be a work by Picasso.

Who would've thought it to be so easy? I would have thrown my hands up if I had seen the entire drawing and had been asked to copy it.

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