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January 31, 2005

Why is Crucial ram for Macs more expensive?

I wanted to know why Crucial.com memory prices are now more expensive for Macs than they used to be compared to their generic Crucial ram counterparts. It seems that there isn't any real reason and that they've gone in the way of all of the other ram manufacturers who refuse to price ram sold for specific systems the same as the OEM ram they sell.

Transcript of conversation with Crucial.com online help, the name has been changed to avoid personal embarassment:

CrucialRep>Hello Ed. How can I help you?

Ed>What is the difference between CT12864X335 and CT368079?

CrucialRep>CT368079 is specifically designed for Apple systems only. Part #CT12864X335 will not work in this system.
Sure it won't, CT368079 is $465.50 vs. $339.99 for CT12864X335.

Ed>Ok. The specs look identical. Is there some documentation that lists the differences that are required for the Mac?

CrucialRep>Unfortunately there is not.
Of course there isn't because it doesn't exist. But, I did buy memory for my Powermac G5 in 2003 that now shows different part numbers and the Mac part is more expensive. Let's try to find out why.

Ed>I also have a Powermac and would like to know the difference between CT322476 and CT6464Z40B

CrucialRep>One moment, please, while I review your inquiry.
Read: Let me go find the canned response to twits like you.

CrucialRep>The component density, PCB build, EPROM┐s and internal timings are the exact match for this Apple system. The base part #CT6464Z40B does not have this.
SadieCrucialRep thinking: Crap. Copy and paste didn't work, it got some messed up character after EPROM

CrucialRep>Is there anything else that I can help you with?
Read: Are you done yet? Can you just go away.

Ed>Ok. I have the CT6464Z40B part which I ordered in 2003. The description is that it's an upgrade for my model of Apple Powermac G5 but recently I wanted to order more but noticed the difference. It didn't make sense why Crucial sold the CT6464Z40B.
Their 255 character limit handicapped me. In a nutshell they've changed part numbers and tweaked the pricing but in 2003 the part was perfectly fine.

CrucialRep>Is there anything else that I can help you with?
Read: I didn't hear you, you're breaking up.

Ed>So that means there is no difference then since crucial sold it in 03 as the same part?

CrucialRep>I just explained the differences.
Go die now, I hate people like you who make my job difficult.

Ed>Alright CrucialRep. I'll just order what worked previously for the G5 and I'll order the part you said only works with the Powerbook for the Powerbook. Thanks!

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January 27, 2005

Budweiser Extra

Cruft: Budweiser Extra

Michael at Cruftbox is always gracious enough to try new things and give us all the inside scoop.

Budweiser Extra has caffeine, ginseng and guarana extract in it. In a nutshell, it's foul according to Michael.

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TivoToGo is supposed to allow users to transfer recordings from their TiVo's to their home computers. This sounded great until I realized:

1. No Mac support (even though TiVo Desktop for the Mac was always more robust than it's windows counterpart).
2. Unusable to those using wifi to connect to their TiVo.
3. Dependent on 3rd party software to burn to DVD.

TiVo has been in the news lately first with TivoToGo and the poor press it has received and secondly with the missteps with a potential deal with Comcast. In a nutshell TiVo is a great product with tons of enthusiastic supporters but opinions are changing quickly.

eHomeUpgrade | Poor First Impressions for TiVoToGo

Anyway for those who have a windows PC but need to burn TiVo content on a Linux box or Mac with a dvd burner, here are the instructions. This is for personal use only of course. Hopefully TiVo will release a Mac-native solution so I don't have to use VirtualPC as a hack.

TiVo To Go MPEG2 Decrypting

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January 26, 2005

Stock photos

stock.xchng - the leading free stock photography site

I recently stumbled onto stock.xchng while trying to find royalty-free stock images to put in a presentation. It's a wonderful site with a decent selection of user-contributed stock images.

I'll probably end up using this site a bit as I continue to do presentations and do more art on my own.

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January 20, 2005

Does News Get Anymore Ironic?

CNN.com - Poll: Nation split on Bush as uniter or divider - Jan 19, 2005

Does news get anymore ironic than this? It might as well say "Nation divided on Bush as a uniter or splitter."

The Economist has an interesting article on Bush's goals for this term and takes a deeper look into what they mean for the country.

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January 16, 2005

iWork, iLife and other Apple goodies

"Apple iLife '05 (Mac)" (Apple)

"Apple Final Cut Express HD Upgrade (Mac)" (Apple)

"Apple iWork '05 (Mac)" (Apple)

Apple released a bunch of updates at Macworld San Francisco last week and I ordered the things listed above. I'm most excited about iWork since I use Keynote a lot for presentation. The Keynote update includes a lot of multimedia-based functionality enhancements. Here's a more complete list of updates for Keynote.

Final Cut Express HD now includes Soundtrack and LiveType which promise to make those videos of your baby throwing up even more exciting and cinematic.

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January 10, 2005

Tsunami donations.

Airbag - Spade.

After reading this post it made me think a little bit harder on what it would be like to lose people I cared about then have to start rebuilding my life from scratch.

Here's a quote from Greg's friend Russ that puts things into perspective:

"While all this banter about motivations and political aspirations is mildly amusing, it misses the main point... 150,000 and counting died, and hundreds of thousands need help now.

I watched Colin Powel's news conference, where even Jeb looked confused about his purpose there, and was struck by Secretary Powel's statement that the US as a country is the most able to help; and with that ability comes the responsibility to act.

After a few days of debating how to appropriately discuss this with our children, my wife and I dove in tonight. We visited websites, watched video, broke out the globe and spent over an hour answering every odd question 7 and 10 year old children think of.

At the end of it all, my kids went upstairs and came down with $75 of their own money. That represented all of my son's hard won poker winnings (which is another story all together) and a significant portion of their Christmas money. And frankly, it shamed my $500 donation.

And yes I know there's a post about how to help a few days ago, but this is where all the current activity is."

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January 3, 2005

Breaking News: News that didn't break

AlterNet: MediaCulture: The 2004 Falsies Awards

Almost everyone has seen the bold red box on cnn.com that says "Breaking News>" with some flashy headline. Well, these are some stories which should've made it but didn't.

If only Bill Moyers had more visibility and success and reforming journalism. He's definitely the type of person who keeps an open mind who needs to rake the major media outlets over the coals a bit more.

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January 1, 2005

Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone. This one has been a bit sad due to the disaster in Asia but there is always a brighter side to things. I hope everyone has a great year and always remember that you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

I've got a couple of posts in the queue and will hopefully finish them up over this weekend.

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