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October 26, 2005

An idea about splogs

joel spolsky discusses splogs: "Advertisers pay Google to have their ads appear in little sidebars. Well, that's not technically correct. Advertisers actually pay Google if anyone clicks on those ads. In turn, Google gives a percentage of the money to the web site owner. As a web site owner, you can make some serious spending cash this way. Popular sites make hundreds or thousands of dollars a month."

Splogs take advantage of this system by allowing people to set up fraudulent blogs using other peoples content. When ads are clicked on they get paid and they rent out legions of cracked computers to drive up their revenue. Google says they have ways to prevent this using smart algorithms but perhaps the solution to the technical problem is a human one. It could be as simple as a google employee ok'ing sites which wish to host google ads. There could be automated scripts set up to search the content of said blog and see if it matches up with other content out there. If a certain percentage if the same then a person could audit the site more closely. This means Adsense growth for google would probably slow but that may be the cost of doing business.

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October 18, 2005

Followup/Distraction (Ftrain.com)

Followup/Distraction (Ftrain.com): "  Friday, October 14, 2005


By Paul Ford

There are two kinds of distraction, at least.

I'm getting so much spam. Hundreds of messages a day trying to seduce me by appealing to my darkest lusts and my greed. So I've gone back to basics. I stopped using my fancy word processor and installed WordPerfect for DOS, which was last updated about a decade ago, and which lets me type in gray letters on a blue screen without using any windows and without the need of a mouse. It never crashes. I also bought a little device called an AlphaSmart Neo, which is mostly sold to schools. The Neo is just a keyboard that stores text as you type it. It does nothing else. It doesn't tell the time or let me play games. It runs off of double-A batteries and the batteries last for hundreds of hours. Using the AlphaSmart and WordPerfect I've started to enjoy computing again. There is no Wikipedia, no email, no constantly changing the MP3s I'm l"

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