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December 26, 2005

Hated simplicity: The iPod

Defending the iPod against those who berate its ease of use and interface

The iPod is often a recipient of as much criticism as it is praise. If you got one of the holidays then you will probably find yourself in a conversation about how the iPod is just another trendy gadget that is more asthetically pleasing than it is functional. The article from the link above actually rebukes a lot of the criticisms quite well. The iPod has some worthy competitors but all of them struggle so hard to do what Apple seems to do so simply.

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Merry Christmas and a happy holiday

I would just like to wish everyone a happy holiday. The year is winding down and it is a good time to reflect back at what the year has brought us.

The biggest thing for me has been my new daughter (http://www.saipetch.com/ekm/) . Christmas was good but juggling family and timing wasn't so easy. We bought a new 61" InFocus DLP projection TV and Crate & Barrel tables for the family gift. Mallory got a lot of clothes, a piggy bank, some dvds, some Baby Einstein music cds and an activity gym.

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