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February 28, 2006

More on productive meetings

9 tips for running more productive meetings | 43 Folders

A couple years ago I posted about meeting etiquette here. There are 9 key points. It talks about having an agenda and sticking to it without wasting everyone's time. I'm going to paste it on the inside of a folder that I'll carry with me.

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February 19, 2006

Seas of change

I've been a bit busy and not feeling like blogging much here. The main thing going on has been working with my wife to raise our daughter. Updates on all that here. I was reflecting with a former coworker on how the landscape at work has changed. It looks nothing like it used to. Recently at work my supervisor decided to resign so he could return back into the world of consulting. It'll be difficult on many levels because he has contributed so much to our organization. Interestingly enough I helped hire him and then when we went through a couple of managers we both applied for the position and he ended up getting it. In my opinion he did well.

Anyway I didn't think about it much initially but over the last year once again I've lost many people who were in my direct sphere of contact. People who are bright, charismatic, gracious and interesting. I wish them the best and hope we can keep in touch. I also hope that many more will come in the near future.

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February 1, 2006

Where did our broadband go

MuniWireless � Blog Archive � “The $200 Billion Broadband Scandal.” — AKA Where’s the 45MB/s I Already Paid for!

I think I'm going to snag this book when I get some time to read. It documents how subsidies, tax breaks and other benefits were doled out to telecom companies who promised to upgrade the broadband architecture in our country to give all broadband users 45mb both ways.

This is a perfect example of how honest and consumer-driven big companies are. They aren't.

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